Duet exists to help people work better by replacing rigid and linear ways of working with dynamic and adaptive structures that are better suited for the changing times in which we live.

We provide resources, guidance and professional services that people in organizations need to explore, experience and upgrade operating principals and practices.

Dianne Dickerson and Melissa Ransdell, Duet’s founders and partners, are enthusiastic about the potential of new operating systems and practices and are committed to make them accessible to people in all types of organizations.

Experienced professionals with in-depth training – Dianne and Melissa each have more than 25-years experience working in and consulting for companies of all sizes in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Each is a certified Holacracy practitioner and has completed the most in-depth Holacracy training currently available. Both are fans and followers of Frederic Laloux’s work and promoters of Reinventing Organizations.

Committed to making new models more accessible – Duet will get you off to a solid start with a strong foundation. Our aim is to make learning, trying and using dynamic models and practices easy to access in ways that work for you.

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